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Formulation development

We offer a bespoke formulation development service to optimise vehicle selection and formulation methodology, focussing on the requirements for non-clinical studies. 

As a result of our long and extensive experience in conducting these studies, we have an in-depth understanding of vehicle tolerability and so are ideally placed to develop the right formulations applicable to the special needs of dosing to non-clinical species.


Our services range from simple vehicle trials involving the selection of the most appropriate vehicle from a choice of commonly used solvents and suspending agents to detailed, bespoke, experiments to optimise vehicle selection and formulation methodology. These can be combined with our formulation analysis and bioanalysis services for assessment of achieved concentration, stability, homogeneity and absorption/bioavailability.

We also have particular experience in the development and analysis of dietary formulations.


  • Vehicle recommendation
  • Vehicle trials
  • Formulation method development
    • Solutions
    • Suspensions
    • Dietary admixtures
  • Formulation trials with analytical support
    • Achieved concentration
    • Stability
    • Homogeneity
  • Assessment of novel vehicles
    • Review of literature data
    • Tolerability studies

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