Our News & Events
QTRAP 6500 UHPLC-MS/MS Ultimate Generation of Bioanalytical Capabilities
13 May 2015
QTRAP 6500 UHPLC-MS/MS Allows Ultimate Bioanalytical Capabilities
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European Teratology Society (ETS)
11 September 2014
Richard Bartlett appointed Secretary of the European Teratology Society
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Celebrating a commitment to training
12 August 2014
Sequani's training is recognised for its quality and scope
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What we do


Drug Development
Getting a drug to market is an expensive and lengthy process. Our renowned flexibility, depth of experience and creative approach to non clinical strategy is the crucial support you need.


Crop Protection
We deliver outstanding scientific and technical expertise to support you through the safety evaluation phases of registration and re-registration projects for agricultural chemicals and other crop protection technologies.


Chemical Safety
Our team of highly skilled scientists and toxicologists provide expert toxicology services designed to meet the requirements of the REACH regulations and other international chemical registration schemes.